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The Innovation Series features and celebrates  farm innovation on the South Island. 

Join Farmers Ilya and Chrystal at Square Root Farm on Sunday July 21st at 1 pm to take a deeper look into Mechanical Cultivation for Hand-Grown Food. This field trip showcases the efficiencies of walk behind cultivator technology. All folks are encouraged to bring their own innovation or idea to this event to share. Innovations could include a new tool, post harvest process, record keeping technique or technology hack. Plan to stay for the potluck at Northbrook Farm!

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Upcoming Dates:

Sunday September 8 - 

Applied Bionomics IPM Lab

Sunday September 18 -

Broad Acre Cultivation

Madrona Farm

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January 2025

 Farmer to Farmer Week Field Days

and Hands-on Workshops

Farmer to Farmer Conference

A Full Day of Learning

The Full Day Conference provides a unique platform for growers to connect, enhance skills, and contribute to a stronger community.

Dive into the latest agricultural innovations, exchange ideas, and collaboratively build new knowledge.

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Business Resiliency

The Business Series features workshops for increasing the capacity, resilience and sustainability of your farm business.
This event series showcases topics defined by our members. Become a member and work with us to promote sustainable farms. 
The Business Series has concluded for Winter 2023/2024. 

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Third Monday of the month

throughout the fall and winter

Stay tuned for the winter 2024/2025 Sustainers Series.

First Wednesday of the month at the Saanich Fairgrounds beginning November 6th.

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